History of Kannada Kuta Charitable Fund

Kannada Kuta Charitable Fund (KKCF) has been in existence since the beginning of 1993.The credit for the conceptualization belongs to Mr. M. Jayaram and for acting on it to Mrs. Sheela Jayaram, President of Vidyaranya Kannada kuta at that time. Many of the senior Kannada Kuta members participated in deliberations to set the guidelines for the Charitable Fund. Thanks to all their efforts and to propagation by the various managing committees since then, KKCF has managed to help numerous deserving organizations by providing monetary assistance. The funds are collected through donations by individuals during cultural functions organized for that specific purpose. KKCF makes contributions to charitable organizations classifiable as non-sectarian, non-political and non-profit, catering to humanitarian needs, in India and to a small extent in U.S.A.

Over years KKCF has organized and hosted excellent and wide variety of programs. Some of them include plays like 'YAYATI' presented by the Kaveri Cultural Organization, Washington D.C., 'Nigooda' by Katte group in California, 'Tale Danda' and 'Chandrabavi Estate' by Shikara group based in Chicagoland and 'Kurudu Kaanchana' by Kannada Kuta members. 

In the year 2002, a Dance Drama by Sridhar and Anuradha, a husband and wife dancing duo from Bangalore followed by Light music from Mr. Ram Prasad and Party. Both the programs were enjoyed by the kannadigas of Chicagoland. 

During the year 2001, The Charitable Fund had organized two fund raising events. A concert by Smt. M.S.Sheela was held on April 21, 2000. This was well attended. A musical event featureing 12 member Kannada Orchestra group 'RAGA' from Silicon Valley California was a mega hit and helped raise a significant amount of funds for KKCF.

In previous years, it has contributed to such organizations like Sumangali Sevashram, Mrichhakatika, Maharashtra Earthquake Relief Fund, Sheeladevi Vocational Center, Apna Ghar etc. 

The Charitable Trust requests you to be generously supportive of these good deeds that we are undertaking. An alternate way to contribute, particularly for corporate employees (Abbott, Motorola, AT&T, GE, Citigroup etc.) is through your payroll deduction by indicating your choice to KKCT during United way campaigns.

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